A stunning 3 Day Trip Around Luxors West and eastbank

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some of the most famous cultural heritage sites

Luxor offers some of the most famous World Heritage sites anywhere in the world. To visit all of them would take you weeks. But we don’t agree with other tour operators: there’s no need to rush. Take your time during your visit: less is more! We can arrange an experienced guide for you. We work exclusively with Egyptologists who speak German, English or French. Please ask about prices and programmes.

Of course, you can also explore Luxor on your own. Excellent guide books can be borrowed from us. In the following programme we have selected for you some of the most interesting places to visit in and around Luxor, to give you a good overview of Ancient Egypt in only three days.

1st Day – Medinat Habu temple & Deir el-Medina

Start your day with a 10-minute walk from The Marsam and visit “Deir el-Medina” – the artists‘ village of the New Kingdom. On your way you will see the newly discovered “Golden City”. In Deir el-Medina you will see 3 small but very personal and extraordinary tombs of people who lived all their lives close to the Valley of the Kings, and created the tombs of kings and queens.

On your way back to The Marsam for lunch you will visit a well-restored Late Period temple. Have a look at the rare scene of the court of the dead.

After a rest in our garden visit the “house of a million years” of Ramses III, known as “Medinat Habu”. You will walk between scenes of Egyptian life, surrounded by some of the finest monuments of Ancient Egypt. Take your time to walk around, the temple itself will guide you. Understand the function of this building, and marvel at the imposing scenes of the Pharaoh‘s life and religious ideas. Have a coffee break at the delightful cafe in front of the temple gate and enjoy your dinner in our garden restaurant.

2nd Day – New Kingdom necropolis, Karnak and Luxor

Visit the necropolis of the New Kingdom. The tombs of the nobles Sennefer, Rekhmire and Ramose are good examples of well-decorated tombs. You will understand more about the idea of the afterlife, as well as the daily life of the Egyptian elite. Have a break and be ready to cross the Nile. You will see the temple of Karnak, the religious center of Ancient Egypt. The colossal portico of the main temple is just part of a gigantic 30 ha temple complex. Dine in an authentic Egyptian restaurant, and visit the Luxor Museum with its unique exhibits.

Each Pharao build his own House of a Million Years

3rd Day – Valley of the Kings

The World Heritage Site “Valley of the Kings” is only a few minutes drive away from the Marsam Hotel. The huge and richly decorated tombs of the 18th – 20th Dynasty kings are a highlight of a visit to Luxor.. With one ticket you can visit three tombs. Special tombs (Tutankhamun, Seti I etc) require an extra ticket.

Visiting the valley takes half a day. After a break you can visit Luxor Bazaar (east side), or you can take a walk through the agricultural land or into the desert.