As near to nature and tradition as possible

Fresh, unique and healthy – that‘s the aim for every dish we serve, from breakfast and lunch to dinner.

Whatever the season provides, we take from our hotel garden: the rest we buy in local markets. Fish comes daily fresh from Lake Nasser; all our meat is local and of high quality. The dishes we serve are largely organic, with no deep-frozen or convenience food. Our goal is to provide our guests with a true Egyptian experience, so we serve mostly dishes that are typical of the Luxor region. There is no fixed menu at our restaurant: it changes daily and depends on the season and whatever fresh products are available.

Enjoy your lunch or dinner at our garden restaurant

Every day, we serve different variations of our menu. The main dish is served with garlic olives, Egyptian bread, salads, dips and a dessert.





We constantly update our meals and recipies to ensure a lively and appetising menu. Feel free to share your thoughts about it, you may inspire us too.

Our own bakery, garden and farm

It’s not easy to find good bread in Egypt, so we decided to set up our own bakery, producing sun bread, crossini, croissants and desserts. The only exception is the Egyptian traditional bread, aysh baladi, baked in special long ovens heated to a very high temperature. That we buy every day from the local bakery. Almost all the wheat for our baked products comes from our hotel farm. We also grow aubergines, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, herbs and flowers there. We are able to cover almost 80% of the vegetable required by our kitchen. We buy the remainder at the local market from well-known and reliable suppliers.

Almost all the wheat for our baked products comes from our hotel farm

MASBUT – the new Marsam delicatessen

We live in rural Egypt surrounded by ancient tradition, guests from all over the world and a relatively large community of expatriates. All this represents a source of inspiration to us, including when it comes to delicious food. New tastes can be created: and traditional ones, reminiscent of home, can be preserved. This is the idea behind our new Marsam delicatessen line MASBUT, which means “exactly right”.

We produce different jams and chutneys, mustard and ketchup, we make cookies and crackers, and we constantly invent new products. All of them are homemade and natural. Our delicacies are served in the restaurant (for example jam for breakfast, or olives for lunch) and are available for take away in the Marsam Shop. Larger quantities can be ordered directly via email.