Carters Workroom

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Carters Workroom

Room Amenities

We call this room Carter’s Workroom because we are sure Howard Carter would have chosen this room.

Double bed and Arabic seating area. Private bath.

The price is € 75.00 for a maximum of 2 people.

Breakfast, coffee/tea table and taxes are included in the price, only 1 available.



Air Condition

Ceiling Fan

Private bathroom

Tea & Coffee tray

double bed

View to temples & mountains

If you travel to Luxor, you should feel that you are in Egypt

A nice room to relax in. The arabesque seating area invites you to relax. The vaulted ceiling and the thick adobe walls guarantee a wonderful indoor climate.


Arrive at home on time. Enjoy exceptional hospitality, authenticity and the unique pharaonic sights around the hotel.